Voor onze ouderen

Nationaal Ouderenfonds

On our own initiative, the FJ collective developed a personal video campaign for the lonely elderly in times of the corona crisis in collaboration with the Nationaal Ouderenfonds. In the video we portray the vulnerable lonely elderly people and we call on the people of the Netherlands to mean something to the elderly by maintaining contact with them.


Main film

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes


Ouderenfonds & FJ

This is our first collaboration with the National Elderly Fund, initiated by FJ. We have written a concept about something that touches us personally; the lonely elderly in times of the corona crisis. We think it is very important that this topic gets the attention it needs. In order to generate extra support and reach, we approached the Elderly Fund with this concept, who were very charmed by this. With the Elderly Fund as the sender, there is a place where viewers can donate money directly to a place that is for our elderly people.

For more information contact project lead Jasper Fraikin via +31 6 15045382 or jasper@fjamsterdam.nl


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