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What do you do when you want to portray yourself as exceptional employer and also call attention to three specific vacancies? We optimise the messages during our FJ Creative Lab and use just 5 videos to reach our audiences. With videos that are nothing like your run-of-the-mill HR campaign.





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Hero, hub, help?

The ‘Hero, Hub, Help’ strategy framework is helpful when you want to be relevant across different touch points throughout a video customer journey. It’s about grabbing people’s attention, keeping them coming back for more and providing information you know your audience is looking for.

Hero video

Your hero video is great for creating awareness. It’s bold and emotive. It’s meant to have impact on your audience and make them remember you. The goal with the 56 sec. Hero video from NH was to present NH Hotel Group as an exceptional employer.

Teaser video

It’s common for paid media agencies to make a cut down version of the Hero video for online video distribution. Because we like to take extra responsibility for our client’s campaigns we edited a completely new ‘Teaser’ video to extra inspire our audience.

Hub videos

Hub content is all about keeping viewers engaged. Therefore we produced 3 hub videos that underscored the idea of the NH Family, the growth opportunities within and activated people to apply for a job. The 3 videos targeted specifically the hardest-to-find employees in the positions Kitchen, Service and Frontdesk.




Help videos

Always-on ‘pull’ content designed for your core target. This content responds directly to your viewers needs and questions. Because we pitched our “Help” idea outside the existing scope we didn’t yet produced this video content.



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NH Hotel Group & FJ

By using our ‘FJ Creative Lab’ as kickoff for this project, NH allowed us to hit the nail on the head in terms of look, feel and message. Good preparation always yields the best results.

For more information contact project lead Fabian Fraikin via +31 6 10490669 or fabian@fjamsterdam.nl.


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