Glued to your garden

Karwei & Isobar

Imagine you have one production budget for one campaign, but you want to surprise your audience with content for a whole three months. When Isobar and Karwei were working on a campaign to reach young(er) females who are into DIY, FJ joined as their smart ass production partner. We translated their concept into 27 unique assets and narratives based on three core concepts: Spa, Jungle and Festival. That way Karwei’s marketing team had more than enough to share.


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Behind the Scenes


Karwei, Isobar and FJ

Isobar and Karwei were looking for a partner that could turn their core concept into a set of assets that could live anywhere. For this we created a dynamic narrative and made sure every asset showed our audience something they hadn’t seen before.

For more information contact project lead Fabian Fraikin via +31 6 10490669 or fabian@fjamsterdam.nl.


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