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De Koffiejongens

De Koffiejongens are on a roll. They contribute to a better world with their new biodegradable coffee cups. De Koffiejongens asked us to produce a social video for this new product. And such a unique product requires a unique approach. That’s why we’ve challenged ourselves to do something we’ve never done before: creating a frame by frame animation. An animation that is quirky and stands out. In this way we have generated awareness for the new cups in a clear, playful and kick-ass way.


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De Koffiejongens & FJ

This is the first time that we have worked with De Koffiejongens and it has been very satisfying from both sides. They gave us complete freedom to come up with a unique concept. A concept that ultimately brought something completely new to both De Koffiejongens and us. For De Koffiejongens, the video has a style that is different than what they had before, but fits in well with the brand guidelines. For us, it is the frame by frame animation process that allowed us to broaden our skillset. In short, a successful production.

For more information contact project lead Jasper Fraikin via +31 6 15045382 or jasper@fjamsterdam.nl.


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